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Dr. Azure Karli, N.D.
Dr. Azure Karli, N.D.

Dr. Karli is a licensed naturopathic medical provider with the patient’s best interest in mind. After obtaining a thorough history, Dr. Karli provides an individualized wellness program to allow patients to reach their health goals. When needed, Dr. Karli will provide referrals to other conventional and alternative medical specialists.

Mission: To provide affordable, natural medical care options.

Dr. Karli graduated from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. NUNM is an accredited 4 year doctorate program that allows for state licensing. She has studied human biological sciences since 1993 and received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado. She has been involved in Naturopathic care with extensive clinical training since 1998. Dr. Karli has been practicing naturopathic care in Bend, OR since 2003. Dr. Karli currently practices Naturopathic Medicine at BNC in Bend Oregon.


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