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Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries

I recently read an article from AARP on the top 4 surgeries to avoid if possible.  They included hysterectomies due to uterine fibroids, arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis, complex spinal fusion for stenosis, and stents for stable angina.

Due to the high volume of menopausal women in my practice I see many women that are contemplating hysterectomies due to abnormal or heavy bleeding.  If fibroids are present, hysterectomies are part of the conversation due to women being past child bearing age.  There are many ways to deal with abnormal bleeding such as lifestyle/herbal support usually in combination with bioidentical hormones, synthetic hormones such as birth control or synthetic HRT, progestin containing IUDs and ablation to name a few. The number and size of the fibroids, age of the patient and extent of the symptoms generally will determine the treatment to be sought.  I recommend starting with the least invasive option and working down from there as usual.

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