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A Natural and Inexpensive Cough Suppressant for Children

A very simple household substance was used in a recent study to decrease coughs in children with upper respiratory infections over the age of one. Eucalyptus, citrus and mint honey were are used in this study and were equally effective.  Just two teaspoons of honey were used at bedtime for each child.  Sleep was improved for both the children and the parents after administration of the honey.  Cough severity was also decreased significantly.  It is very important to reiterate that this is ONLY for kids over one year of age.  Honey can potentially cause infant botulism in children under one which can be fatal.

I find essential oils, castor oil and mild heat to the chest is a great way to loosen phlegm and relax the brochioles of the lung.  Castor oil applications appear to help boost immune function as well.

Prevention of upper respiratory infections is always the best way to keep kids healthy.  Good nutrition, hydration, adequate sleep, physical exercise, and quality family time are an essential base to acheive this.  As in previous posts, I want to reiterate that Vit D, Probiotics and Zinc are important supplements to help prevent common communicable illnesses.  Of course, you should talk with your naturopath or other health professional before starting any new supplements for your children.

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