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Support for Energy during Perimenopause

The following was my response to a question about increasing energy and motivation for an athletic 52 year old female published in The Bulletin.

Ruling out internal causes such as deficiencies is first.  As usual, diet and life situation should be evaluated.  Iron, thyroid levels, and other nutrient deficiencies such as Vit D can be checked with a blood draw.  Also, your menopause status should be evaluated by past and current menstrual history and confirmed with other blood work.   Bioidentical hormones or non-hormonal support may be indicated.

B12 shots and adrenal support can be a simple way to increase energy and motivation when appropriate.  Sometimes fatigue and feelings of low motivation can be signs of depression, so it would be smart to talk to a practitioner or counselor about this.  As I have mentioned in past responses, there are many ways to support mood naturally such as foods, targeted amino acids, specific herbs and counseling.

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