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Essential Guidelines for Natural Cold and Flu prevention

I can guarantee you and your family will have fewer and less severe illnesses if you follow these steps.

  1. HYDRATE! You will see this is a recurring theme in my practice.  ½ your weight in ounces daily.
  2. No sugar.  At the first sign of a sniffle from your child or family member, the whole family should avoid all added sugar.  This includes straight fruit juice.
  3. Drink your food.  Make a majority of your calorie intake from liquid nutrition.  Broths, soups, green drinks, protein powder drinks, vegetable juices and steamed veggies (vegetables are high in water content). Again, start at the first sign of illness and continue for up to one week.
  4. Probiotics.  The Journal of Pediatrics (Gregory, 2009;124) showed  up to a 72% decrease in incidence and duration of cold and flu symptoms, and a 84% decrease in antibiotic use  with the regular use of a very specific strain of probiotics.
  5. Immune support.  I often recommend a  liquid/powder concoction of A, D, Zinc and a few herbs that are easy and affordable for both adults and children to take.  This is tailored to the individual needs of the family.
  6. REST.

 For more information on how to obtain the special probiotic featured in The Journal of Pediatrics, please call us today.

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