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Top 5 reasons to take probiotics

Probiotics are live organisms, specifically bacteria and yeast that allow for appropriate digestion, immune function and gut protection.  When antibiotics are prescribed and taken all of the useful organisms are wiped out along with the ones we are trying to get rid of.  It can take up to 18 months to fully repopulate the gut with good organisms after a 10 day round of antibiotics. 

Not all probiotics are created equal!  These are live bacteria, so the culture, shipping, storing and testing processes are very important.  I highly recommend buying your probiotics from a local practitioner who knows they have been shipped on ice, assayed by a third-party company and kept stored in the refrigerator.  Otherwise, you may be buying dead organisms that will do very little.  Yogurt and other cultured foods have some probiotics, but typically not enough to be therapeutic.

Reason 1: You are going to take antibiotics.   I have found the best probiotic to use while taking an antibiotic is actually the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii.  This yeast helps protect your own bacteria from being damaged.  After the antibiotics are done you should switch to a high quality L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium combo for 1-2 months.

Reason 2: You or your children are in school.  The Journal of Pediatrics conducted a study showing a significant decrease in cold/flu symptom occurrence and duration with regular probiotic use.  This is because probiotics are part of your immune defenses.

Reason 3: You have diarrhea, gas, bloating and/or IBS.  Probiotics line the entire intestinal tract especially the colon, so bolstering their numbers promotes more effective digestion.

Reason 4: You or your child has Excema.  I have seen many skin conditions, including eczema, improve with probiotics as part of the treatment plan.  This is especially true for those that have had recent or chronic antibiotic use.

Reason 5: You have a current and/or recurrent vaginal yeast infections.  This is true for yeast infections caused by antibiotic use, hormonal imbalance, and pH imbalance.

If you are interest in obtaining high quality probiotics for any of these reasons, don’t hesitate to contact my office.

Azure Karli


Bend Naturopathic Clinic



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  1. Hi Dr. Karli – it has been many years since I last visited your clinic; partly because I have been very healthy and partly because your services are not covered by my insurance and I just can’t afford to pay much ‘out of pocket’. Have you heard of Valley Fever? also called Desert Fever or San Juaquin Valley Fever? I have always had sensitive skin and being a ‘senior’ now (63) and living in Arizona each winter for six months with my husband, I finally ‘caught’ Valley Fever. My skin is evidently my weak spot in my immune system, so I didn’t suffer MOST of the typical symptoms or lingering affects, but I got itchy SPOTS which gradually increased from five to dozens all over my body. I’m just curious… now (as of the end of April) we are back in Bend; I was ill with the fever/chills of the Valley Fever attack in November… but I have some spots back after being on the medication FLUCONAZOLE which caused a lot of my hair to fall out. Wish I had unlimited money… I remember that I really liked you and since I was raised by a mother clear back in the 1950’s who was more into natural remedies than ‘meds’, I am still try to go as natural in my life as opposed to medications when they work for me.
    Thank you – hope your practice is doing well! Carol

    1. Hello Carol. Thank you for contacting me. I am sorry to hear of your recent health issues. I have no specific experience with Valley Fever. As this is caused by a fungus, I would utilize an anti-fungal protocol. Without seeing you of course I cannot make specific recommendations for you. My general anti-fungal protocol would include Ultra Flora Plus DF twice daily for 2-3 months, Chronic Immune Formula two caps daily for 3 months, no grain-based foods for 6-12 weeks, and limited fruit intake for 12 weeks. Supplements are available at the office M-F.
      Most likely there would be more specific treatment ideas that I would recommend based on your pesonal history. Please keep in mind that if you chose to come in, you would be charged as a return patient only and we can collect half of your offce charges upfront and have you sign a payment plan for the rest if needed.
      In Health,
      Dr. Karli

  2. Hi
    I would love to get on some good probios, esp working at a school. My backs been messed up since dec, so used most of my naturalpath for chirop and acupunct. I still am looking forward to coming in for a check up soon. Susan

    1. Hello Susan. There is no need for an appointment with me to pick up the probiotics. I recommend Ultra Flora one cap daily during the summer and two caps daily during the school year. We have this in a powder form as well if caps don’t work for you. Just give Jennifer a call at 541-3898-9750 and she can set aside some for you. We are open M-F. Thanks for your interest and reading my blog.
      In Health,
      Dr. Karli

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