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Does Medical Insurance cover Naturopathic Services?

Can I use my insurance for Naturopathic services?

This is the most common question we are asked by prospective new patients here in Oregon.  Usually the answer to this is yes.  All insurance companies and their specific plans are a little different.  Individual providers also vary in which insurance companies they accept.  At Bend Naturopathic Clinic we will get your insurance information from you over the phone and check on your specific plan to determine the extent of your coverage before you come in for your first appointment.  Often the individual deductible is waived.  Insurance coverage for gynecological exams, sports physicals, and general physicals are often covered 100% once yearly.  General office visits about a specific problem usually require a co-pay or co-insurance payment.  We have found that often there is even insurance coverage for some of the more “out of the box” testing often utilized at Bend Naturopathic Clinic like food sensitivity tests and neurotransmitter testing to help with mood/emotional issues. Please feel free to call for specific information on your individual plan.



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  1. I have M.S. and have had nerve pain on my hands and feet for about 20 years. I take very little for the pain, but I would like to get off all the pharmacy drugs. Have you ever treated MS patiants? And if so what were the results?

      1. Thank you for your inquiry. There can be coverage for naturopathic care through some medicare supplemental insurance in the state of Oregon. Coverage depends on the contract set up with each individual practitioner. I suggest you contact the practitioner with your insurance card information.

    1. Thank you for your question. I will reply to you personally. Please check your email for my resonse.

    1. Hello Yvonne. The few cases of lymphedema I have seen in my practice have been mild. I have had success decreasing symptoms with diet modifications, movement, fluid intake balance, castor oil packs and individualized supplement reccomendations. Moderate to severe symptoms may be decreased but more aggressive treatments are sometimes neccessary. If you have further questions please call my office at 541-389-9750.

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